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What is Social Trading at Profitto

Social Trading can be known as copy trading a product of the social trading movement which in its broadest sense is defined by investors’ willingness to share intelligence, expertise as well as actual trading decisions and reasoning and allows an investor to directly copy the trading activity of another trader. These copying trades technology is frequently used by less experienced traders who wish to copy experienced traders in their day-to-day trading cycle. This means that beginner traders (copy traders) will rely on more professional traders (strategy providers) to manage for them the opening and closing of trades of various financial instruments across different financial markets. Given sharing of trading information, Social Trading emerged as the logical next step and refers to the practice which allows one trader to replicate the transactions carried out by another. It may be done manually whereby traders actively select the individual trades they wish to copy; however, the term has habitually come to refer to the automated service offered by some social trading managers and which allows every position taken by a selected trader to be copied into the trading account of another. This of course works in the opposite way as well, whereby expert traders, who are often referred to as Strategy Providers, can share their experience with other investors who benefit from it by copying their trading activity.

Why Trade with Profitto?

Technoological innovation has driven same of the biggest resolution in human history, developing economies, powering insdustries, strengthening coomunities and improving lives.

Today, the same technological revolution has been instrumental in delivering next-generation investment opportunities; one that is accessible, functional, and profitable for all. No doubt, as the world continues to evolve, technology has opened the gates to the world of financial markets to anyone, anywhere and anytime.


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Social Trading account allows clients who have no time to trade for themselves or are inexperienced, to copy an experienced Manager. Important to note that social trading accounts:

  • No returns are guaranteed and, you might lose all capital invested.

    Track record does not guarantee same results.

  • Client will be able to view positions running and modify the positions.
  • Client needs to give 5 trading days’ notice in order to be detached to the Manager account.
  • The account holder (the “Client”) hereby authorizes Profitto Ltd to replicate all trades executed on the Manager’s account established with Profitto Ltd (the “Account” and “Profitto Ltd. and/or its Affiliates, to the fullest extent permitted subject to and in accordance with Profitto Ltd terms and conditions with Client, for the Client’s account and risk and in the Client’s name or number on Profitto Ltd books and records. The Client hereby accepts that he/she has a full understanding of the Social Trading system.

Without prejudice to the above, the Client acknowledges and understands that further to the Terms and Conditions, Profitto Ltd is upon receipt of this COPY-TRADING AUTHORISATION authorised to follow the instructions of the Manager’s account in every respect with regard to the Account.

The Client acknowledges that there is a risk factor in trading Foreign Exchange and/or CFDs, and therefore the Client further acknowledges that she/he would not hold Profitto Ltd responsible for any losses which he/she may incur.

In consideration for the Manager’s account’s services hereunder, The Client agrees to pay the Manager’s account the charges per the agreement and, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, authorises Profitto Ltd to pay such charges on the Client’s behalf to the Manager’s account.


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At Profitto, we are a platform trusted by more than 300 social trading managers. We believe, all of this is evaluated by the manager based on our credibility in the management of the online trading platform. They all love our service and it’s more interesting to earn more than just trading

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