Profitto Ltd


Local depositors are agents authorized by Profitto, otherwise known as Introducing Brokers. They are individuals who are formally appointed by forex brokers to handle local customer deposit and withdrawal matters. Also, they will be guiding and assisting you through the process.


  • Safe, fast and easy transaction process.
  • There will be no communication issue because the local language will be used.
  •  Low charge rates.
  •  Efficient services. You have to contact our local depositor in order to deposit your fund, Local Depositor agent shall guide and assist you through the process.

Requirements to be eligible as Official Local Depositor

  • Submit your portfolio.
  • Submit past financial reports for Local Depositor from another broker (if any).
    If you are interested to become one of our Local Depositors, please submit all the details to and one of our persons in charge will assist you further. Please be informed that currently, the Local Depositor only able to process the client’s deposit and withdrawal will be processed by the broker.
Name : Yoe FX Exchanger
Phone Number : +6016-9900477
Facebook : Yoe Fx
Email :

Name : PokZen
Phone Number : +6017-3136933
Facebook : Halim Nor(PokZen)
Email :

Name : Profitto Utara (MY)
Phone Number: +60134883937
Facebook : Mohamad Azalizan(Izan Aenfx)
Email :

Name : Kamaruzaman (MY)
Phone Number: +60196665597
Facebook : Kamaruzaman Yusof
Email :

Name : Gulf Academy Solution
Phone Number: +601169209071
Facebook : Gulf Academy
Email :
Name : Muhamad Saffuan bin Kamis
Phone Number: 0189696820
Facebook : Saff’one Shila

Name : Golden Hentak Gold (MY)
Phone Number: +60139810312
Phone Number: +601157686447
Facebook : Golden Hentak Gold
Email :

Name : Mohamad Rizam Abdul Latif (Wak Rizam)
Phone Number: +60142580840
Facebook : WakRizam
Email :

Name : MTHFX
Phone Number: +6737116790
Phone Number: +6737400487
Facebook : Taufiq Hidayat
Email :

Name : Shahran (Wave Ideas)
Phone Number: +6285732624020
Facebook : Shahran Samsudin
Email :